YouTube as an SMM tool: video optimization

YouTube as an SMM tool: video optimizationToday YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world. For example, most requests like “how to do” are addressed to him. In addition, as we already wrote in the article devoted to improving the efficiency of content, visual materials, and even more so videos, attract the attention of users of social networks much more than text ones.

YouTube is a video hosting service that provides the ability to add friends, subscribe to various channels, add publications to favorites, comment on the form and put “likes”. All this brings YouTube as close as possible to social networks, so it is obvious that when promoting on YouTube you can use youtube views smm panel .

So, the service for tracking the most popular events in the world Google Trends, which is also used to create situational content on social networks, for some time now includes videos from YouTube in the delivery

Why a YouTube presence is a must

As statistics show, more than sixty percent of world traffic is video traffic, so when promoting your brand on social networks, do not forget about video hosting, especially since:

  • When the video is displayed in the TOP of the search engine, the web portal also rises in the search results to more favorable positions, although this will require a lot of work.
  • YouTube is driving high-quality traffic because those who have found and viewed your video are clearly interested in the topic.
  • Video influences the formation of a positive opinion about the brand.
  • By combining educational content and videos, you will get much more response.
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However, do not forget that videos must be made with high quality. Otherwise, you risk not only facing negative reviews, but also losing part of your audience.

How to create your own channel and sync it with social networks

Channel creation and design. To create your channel, log into Gmail and go to YouTube. In the menu on the left, click on the “My channel” button → in the window that opens, in the first and last name fields, the data that you entered when registering your mail account is automatically entered, so just click “Create channel “.

Synchronization of the channel with social networks. In the “My Channel” section, find the “YouTube Settings” button → “Linked Channels” → click on the “Link” button and then save your changes.
Please note that the social networks “tied” to your mailbox are displayed here.

Create a playlist

A playlist is needed in order to organize videos. This way you can “differentiate” the content by subject. To create a playlist, click on the “Video Manager” button in the “My Channel” section. In the left menu, select “Playlists” → “New Playlist”:

Fill in the “Playlist name” field, select the type of access and click create. This will take you to a playlist where you can add a description and video.

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